Whilst out in Barcelona at the Spanish Grand Prix last weekend, I had the opportunity to use the latest iteration of F1 FanVision, and the first impressions were good.

There were FanVision stands in the main fan zones at the circuit, with display models that you could have a look at, and offering the opportunity to rent a handset for the weekend for 99 Euros, although we did hear that it was possible to get some good deals purchasing a voucher alongside your race ticket, to exchange once you reach the circuit.

The 5 inch touch screen handset came with a set of in-ear headphones, and a lanyard to hand it around your neck. I had initially thought that perhaps in the bright sunshine, i might not be able to see the screen clearly, but that was never a problem in my experience. You are also provided with a charge cable, which during my one day of usage was not needed, but it is worth bearing in mind that you will need to charge the device over a full weekend. It is also housed in a rubbery armour-type case to protect it.

Having read that the service was not dependent on wifi, but on dedicated transmitters just for FanVision, I wasn’t surprised to have a crystal clear picture at all times. Choosing the commentary is a great option, so I was listening to Sky Sports F1 in the main, but did also try swapping to the dedicated team radio feeds. They are insightful, as you can imagine.

There are also lots of statistics available on the handset, and whilst I browsed the menus and saw they were available, I have to admit that I didn’t linger too long and try all of the options as, well, I like to look at the cars on track in front of me too! That is why we are there, after all.

So is it worth the rental price over the whole weekend? It had great novelty value, but I’m not one hundred percent sure…probably more so if you are viewing from a circuit area with no screens.

Have you tried it, or do you plan to? Let us know what you think via Twitter @BadgerGP

You can reserve your handset and find more information at f1vision.com.