What better way to get through the F1 shutdown than filling your time with other motorsport! Badger GP’s Sarah Merritt was lucky enough to catch-up with Pastor Maldonado for a quick chat over the WEC weekend in Silverstone, where is has teamed up with Anthony Davidson and Roberto Gonzalez, driving in the LMP2 category for DragonSpeed. Here’s what he had to say.

In a series where you have former F1 drivers like Jenson Button, and of course Fernando Alonso, who has announced his F1 retirement, what is it like when you catch up with the “old F1 crew” again when you are racing in WEC?

Pastor Maldonado: “It’s good, it’s not only them. There are so many ex Formula 1 drivers, and so many good drivers who were maybe not able to jump into Formula 1. I find it familiar. A lot of very competitive, and very nice drivers. We are all having fun!”

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It does seem like a very friendly series.

PM: “It’s very friendly. I’m enjoying the series every time more and more”.

More friendly than F1?

PM: “It is just different. It’s a different approach. I really like the fact that you have to work together, as three drivers. It is much more relaxed, but at the same time you push very hard! It is very challenging”.

At first it must have seemed weird having to share your car with two other drivers?

PM: “Yes, it is difficult at the beginning, but then you start to learn and to share more information with your team mates, and the team, and of course, it takes a bit of time to get used to this.”

Lastly, the British weather is being very kind to you all this weekend…

PM: “It’s nice! (he laughs) When I was in Formula 1, I spent 6 years in the UK so I am used to it!”

Many thanks to Pastor for his time and best of luck to the Dragonspeed team this weekend!